Raised in Oakland, California. David is the first pilot in his family. He took an intro ride in a C-172 at the age of 16 and fell in love with flying. He moved to Hawaii and his got private pilot licence shortly after his 18th birthday. He took his checkride with Miller, who said that it was just a license to learn.
"Then Alan offered to give me a free hour in his Champ. And I fell in love with tailwheel flying."
He learned to fly gliders on the North Shore and got his commercial seaplane license in Alaska. He now flies aerobatic gliders for Honolulu Soaring while he works to finish the rest of his commercial and instructor licenses. He liked the Aeronca Champ so much he is buying one of his own and hopes to pass along his love for flying with family, friends, and the community. And hopefully teach stick and rudder flight training himself!