Alan Miller
The son of a career Navy man, Alan Miller’s life-long passion for aviation began while growing up at Barbers Point Naval Air Station in Hawaii. His father, Bill, taught Alan to fly on that same airfield – where he soloed a Cessna 150 on his 16th birthday – just before dashing off to report (somewhat tardy) for classes at Campbell High School.

Having experienced the exhilaration of flight, Alan would embark upon a lifetime in the sky. He gained experience at a young age teaching his own students, then flying tours, night cargo and air ambulance throughout the Hawaiian islands. Alan joined Hawaiian Airlines at the age of 23, and now flies the Airbus A330 for Delta

Alan developed his show after witnessing a similar act popularized on the mainland by two of the world’s leading airshow pilots (to whom he is very grateful for their willingness to share their secrets).

The star of Alan’s show, however, is his 1946 Aeronca “Champ”, powered by a 65 horsepower engine. Possessing no electrical system and lacking even a starter, the airplane must be “hand-propped” to start it up – just like the “contact” scenes in old movies!

Alan has honed his skills throughout 30-plus years piloting a variety of aircraft, from an antique 1929 Bellanca to a state-of-the-art Airbus A-330. His airshow experience includes showcasing World War II-era aircraft throughout the United States and Canada. He can be found much of the summer season at the controls of a North American P-51 Mustang, a B-25 Mitchell Bomber, an AT-6, or other vintage aircraft – all of which are meticulously restored and maintained by selfless volunteers of the Commemorative Air Force.

Alan also instructs in gliders, experimentals, and other light aircraft and serves as an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner. Having culminated over 20,000 hours, Alan freely admits that none of his time at the controls of an airliner prepared him for landing the Champ on the back of a speeding pickup truck!

Alan’s act would not be possible without the friendship, patience, support, significant physical labor and countless hours contributed by his family and friends – all of whom worked extremely hard in order to bring this performance to Hawaii’s airshow enthusiasts. To his entire airshow ohana, Alan extends a most sincere ~MAHALO~.