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Miller’s Mach 4 Mayday
presents an exciting two-part act that is sure to please any airshow audience. Spectators will get a great view of these unique airshow performances.

The airplane is not a high-powered aerobatic airplane, but a 1946 Aeronca Champ trainer with only a 65 horsepower engine! With this small airplane, the pilot, Alan Miller, will perform old school stunts that spectators will watch in disbelief.

The first act, a comedy, will take you by surprise as you watch the aircraft perform literally at ground level. You will be amazed at the performance and maneuverability that Alan is able to coax from the little Champ, as he demonstrates what the aircraft can do if flown properly right to the edge of, but not beyond its envelope.

The second act features Hawaii’s tiniest airport, carried on a speeding truck. You will be amazed to watch the plane land right on the truck as it speeds down the runway. This is a very difficult manuever, and the Mach 4 Mayday team is only one of three acts we know of in the world performing this incredible feat. A successful landing requires perfect timing and coordination between the driver, Cliff Kapololu, the spotter, Kele Fergerstrom, and the pilot, Alan Miller. Landing a very light airplane that only weighs a thousand pounds on the back of a moving truck on a calm day is difficult enough, but Hawaii’s trade winds can wreak havoc on the teams efforts, and makes for some intense drama as the plane is maneuvered in close proximity to the truck. Once landed, the team “taxies” the truck with the airplane in front of the crowd. At the completion of the act, the team will enter the static area with the plane on the truck where spectators are able to view the landing ramp, the truck and the plane from a very unusual vantage point. The team members will be on hand and happy to meet airshow fans, answer questions and autograph free postcards showcasing the act.

The Miller’s Mach 4 Mayday team is passionate about flying and performing for the people of Hawaii, and it shows in our performances!

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