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We're a small organization with a specialized mission--
• Our goal is to promote a training environment where a pilot can learn flying skills
that are no longer emphasized in modern flight training--
the stick and rudder ability to really master the aircraft.
• We tailor our training for the pilot that already flies and is looking for a tailwheel endorsement and to new pilots with no prior experience. We will teach you the basics first, as it should be done.

• Here at Hawaii Stick and Rudder, we make sure you have a firm grasp on the basic principles so that you understand how and why the plane responds the way it does. You'll gain the knowledge to know what inputs the pilot should apply to safely handle the situation, the skills to fly the airplane the way it should be flown and the judgment to know when to do what.

• Slow flight, stalls, slips, manuevering and simulated engine failures will be taught in-depth and your understanding and confidence will improve tremendously as a result!

• Safety is paramount, and will be stressed throughout your training. One of our primary goals is to teach you how to handle emergencies that you may have never thought about. Have you ever contemplated flying the aircraft with no elevator control? If you have never even thought about this before, much less actually practiced it, don’t expect to be able to figure it out in mid-flight if it happens. How would you use the elevator trim if the elevator was jammed in place?

• Your engine failure training will be thorough and you will have the confidence, knowledge and skills to safely handle almost every engine failure scenario. You will learn in depth how to really land an aircraft in a small area after an engine failure with the greatest chance of survival. You'll be taught to consider slope when selecting an engine out off airport emergency landing site. Have you ever landed on other than a paved runway? All of this and more will be taught so that if you ever encounter one of these situations, you have a better chance of a safe outcome.

• We think flying should be fun. We are serious about flight training, but not serious about everything all the time! We try to keep the atmosphere relaxed, so that learning is fun. We enjoy hanging out at the airport, and have been known to hold impromptu ground school sessions in the evenings while barbequing. We are “airplane nuts” and are passionate about a lifestyle of aviation, and enthusiastically try to expose our students to many aspects of the flying world. Antiques, experimental, and warbirds are all within reach if one so chooses and is dedicated to pursuing these opportunities. Tailwheel and basic stick and rudder skills are necessary if one wants to pursue these more interesting aspects of aviation. In addition, gliders are available on the North Shore of Oahu, and we can also provide specialized glider training.
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Home Stick & Rudder Flying Miller's Mach 4 Mayday The Mach 4 Team